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Things I Love #16

August 31, 2010

Things I Love #16: Circles that tighten but do not break.

Replica Native American circle carving

On the Sunday most of our group left to go home, leaving only about six of us still at the camp with Uncle Max. Before they left, however, Uncle brought us all together in a circle for our farewells. He drew several concentric circles in the dirt in the middle of our circle. He said that people often refer to a circle “breaking” when members of it leave, but he preferred to see it as the circle “tightening”. Fewer members simply make for a smaller circle, not a broken one.

This tightening process continues as people leave until you’re left with single units, each a representation and carrier of the original circle.

He also showed how this image looked like ripples on a pond and explained “this is why I tell my stories backwards, it’s about moving from the outer edge into the centre of unity.”

Farewelling members of our circle


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