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Things I Love #17

September 1, 2010

Things I Love #17: Having the chance to rest, recuperate, regenerate and reconnect in a beautiful space.

In addition to the amazing teaching and sharing with wonderful people over the weekend, Swan Lake itself proved to be an incredible healing presence for me. I made the point each day to sit for some time watching the sun (Grandfather Sun, as Uncle Max taught us) slowly slide down below the horizon.

On Saturday evening three grey herons came flying low across the lake, croaking mournfully, and landed in a tree near me. Two of them flew off soon after, but one stayed, flew down into the water and waded past me. Spending all day every day flying and fishing? Sounds like Dad’s kind of heaven…

Watching the sun go down is something that’s not so easily done in the city, and was even more special to do on the days we had started with a Grandfather Sun Welcoming Ceremony in the morning.


Edit: My mum found this gorgeous description of the Blue Heron as a totem in the North American Native tradition:

“If the Blue Heron has shown up as your totem, it reflects your need to follow your own unique wisdom and path of self-determination. You know what is best for yourself, and need to follow your heart rather than the promptings of others. You probably sit calmly while the rest of us lose patience. And when you choose to follow the promptings of your heart, you soar with magnificence. “

(originally from  Animal Speak: The Spiritual and Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small by Ted Andrews)

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