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Blogs: Not Just for Christmas

September 5, 2010

Okay, so this poor blog is about to suffer a quite serious case of neglect.

I was quite wiped out after my last weekend away (about which I AM writing more, I promise…), and have just caught up on sleep. I spent all day yesterday with a friend who’s going through a difficult time, and her gorgeous (nearly) 4 year old son (Rainbow Robot face paint? The best). I’m going out to dinner with friends tonight, and then tomorrow leaving at 5am to drive out to Forbes (here) for a 3 day work conference. I get home Wednesday evening, and then have an all-day meeting in Collaroy on Thursday, and my Yoga Wisdom course at Yoga in Daily Life on Thursday evening. I’m seeing a friend perform her one-woman play/routine/thing as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival Friday night, and then I’m going to Newcastle for lunch with my Mum and big bro on Saturday.

As I said on Twitter, I do now have an iPhone 4, BUT (ahaha) the OS on my Mac is apparently Neolithic, and said iPhone will not stoop to talk with it. So that’s interesting. I can, however, report that it is very shiny, and quite fun to pretend to talk into.

Hopefully when I update to my bro’s old (but less old) laptop next weekend these issues will be sorted. But ’til then my web access may be somewhat limited while I’m off pootling around the countryside.

Busy, busy. But it’s all good stuff, and I’ll share what I can when I can. Have a good week y’all x

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